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  2. Yes, its in the package but keep in mind, the BETA ends tomorrow.
  3. event, зачем тебе то набор? Ты зализать пукан админу можешь до статуса гл. модера.
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  6. Can cod16 be used normally? What's the difference between the two versions?
  7. Hello, can I buy call of duty 16 cheater now?
  8. 中国大陆用户 购买怎么联系客服, 用什么支付。 产品价格 天卡 周卡 月卡
  9. How do I purchase? ------------------------------------------------------------ 1.The following payment methods are supported. 2. purchase address: Systemcheats 1 WEEK($17):(Click here to buy) Systemcheats 1 MONTH($32):(Click here to buy) X22 1 MONTH($14):(Click here to buy) ------------------------------------------------------------ 我如何购买? 1.购买地址: Systemcheats 1周($17):(Click here to buy) Systemcheats 1月($32):(Click here to buy) X22 1月($14):(Click here to buy)
  10. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cheat Status America’s Army: Proving Grounds Anthem ARK: Survival Evolved (Non-BE) ARK: Survival Evolved (Microsoft Store) Battlefield 4 (32-bit) Battlefield 4 (64-bit) Battlefield Hardline Battlefield 1 Battlefield V Battlefield V Legit Borderlands 3 COD4: Modern Warfare COD5: World at War COD: Modern Warfare 3 COD: Black Ops 2 COD: Black Ops 3 COD: Black Ops 4 COD: Black Ops 4 Legit COD: Ghosts COD: Advanced Warfare COD: Infinite Warfare COD: Modern Warfare Remastered COD: World War II COD: Modern Warfare 2019 / Warzone COD: Modern Warfare 2019 / Warzone Legit Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Crossfire BR Crossfire RU Crossfire West/NA/EU Day of Defeat: Source Grand Theft Auto V Grand Theft Auto V (FiveM) Grand Theft Auto V (RAGE MP) Goat of Duty Killing Floor Killing Floor 2 Left 4 Dead 2 MORDHAU Red Dead Redemption 2 (DX12) Sea of Thieves (Steam) Sea of Thieves (Microsoft Store) Star Wars Battlefront Team Fortress 2 The Division The Mean Greens Titanfall ZMR: Zombies Monsters Robots Latino for America's Army 3 for BattleField 1 for BattleField 2 for BattleField 2142 for BattleField 3 for BattleField 4 for BattleField: Bad Company 2 for BattleField Hardline for Brink for Call of Duty for Call of Duty 2 for Call of Duty 4 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Call of Duty: Black Ops for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for Call of Duty: Ghosts for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered for Call of Duty: WWII for Crysis 3 for Call of Duty 5
  11. 如何購買? 1.購買地址: 1 WEEK:(Click here to buy) 1 MONTH:(Click here to buy) X22 1 MONTH:(Click here to buy) 如果你通過我們進行費用支付,我們很樂意為你提供支付方式與盡力的服務支援 你可以通過Discord添加Rheddy#9877 與我們聯繫 如果你是延續費用用戶,我們可以為你提供延續費用優惠卷/價位,請通過PM與我們管理隊伍聯繫
  12. What happens after payment? After payment you will receive the latest software, an open account for the software. Can I renew my subscription after it runs out? Absolutely. You can manage your purchases directly on the website. Can I order multiple subscriptions in different games? Of course. Do you offer a trial? No, for security reasons, we don't do that. Are there any specific requirements for cheating? Your operating system must be Windows 10 1809 or Windows 10 1903. How do I use the loader? After receiving the subscription details, you will receive a key and redeem the key in the add-on program. Can I use cheatware on multiple computers? No, for security reasons, we do not allow this. After redeeming the key in the loader, the loader will be locked to the unique HWID of the computer. I can stream your secrets, but won't the secrets be displayed? You sure can, OBS makes our cheating feature impeccable. Will you help me if I need help setting it up or encounter problems? We have a dedicated team of support users that will help you if you have any questions. Is it safe for you to cheat? We take security very seriously, and yes, they are considered safe (check the status page). Can I use cheat software on VMs? No, this will not work. What happens if cheating is detected? We update it and make sure it's safe again. After that, all users add back their lost time. Can I use cheatware on my AMD CPU? Yes, we finally support AMD CPUs too! I'm a reseller or content creator, would you like to work with me? Of course, you can send a message to the admin via the forum or our Discord. I am APEX / R6S banned HWID, can I use this cheat game again? We offer HWID pedals in our store which customers can buy at cheap prices. Can I use cheat tools on my laptop? Yes, I think so. Can I make a profit? We sometimes run a few day sales on certain products, however, we do not offer discounts to single customers for no reason. Do you offer HWID resets? Yes, we offer a free HWID reset if the number of unwanted sessions is too high. If I purchase cheat, can my friend use it too? Only strictly forbid account sharing if they use it on your PC, which will result in a ban.
  13. 請查閱:https://blog.azurezeng.com/recaptcha-use-in-china-1/
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